A machine for automobiles? Consider it. One simply opened in Greensboro. | Native information

“You bring the family or stream it live on social media,” said O’Hara. “It really is an event.”

The tower at 4830 Koger Blvd. is best seen traveling west on I-40 as you approach the Wendover Avenue exit. At night it cannot be overlooked: the tower is illuminated, almost like an invitation.

“We don’t want to be just another dealer,” said David Coulter, whose job it is to make sure the machinations that make up Carvana Towers go smoothly.

Coulter said that each tower location takes up no more than an acre and costs about $ 5 million to build.

He added that engineering for the towers will be done in the United States. The elevator and pallets for each tower will be built in a facility outside Gastonia.

The view from above is impressive, but customers can only experience their car being picked up from the comfort of the lobby on the ground floor. But what a thrill that can be.

“There’s a concert-quality audio and lighting system in here,” said Coulter. “So if you drop your coin, you get a show.”

All vehicles are used, but O’Hara said every car undergoes a 150-point inspection. She said about 1 in 20 cars meet Carvana’s standards.

If buying a car without a test drive seems risky, Carvana offers a seven-day return policy.

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