A & T’s new $ 6 million farm pavilion affords labs, workplaces and will function a bridge to the East Greensboro neighborhood | coaching

University Farm was founded in 1904 and is approximately 3 miles from the main NC A&T campus. Farm Superintendent Leon Moses described it as the school’s largest laboratory.

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“It’s probably one of the most diverse farms in the state,” he said. “We have sheep and goats, we have cattle, we have a poultry farm, a pig farm, a horse farm, field crops, growing vegetables. Our main crops are corn, soybeans and wheat. Our other crops will depend on what our researchers are focusing on, but we also grow tomatoes, peppers, and ginger. We have a very wide variety of agricultural resources and practices here on the farm. “

The farm once supplied the A&T campus with products and milk. It no longer does, but Moses said the school is looking for ways to “re-establish that connection.”

The pavilion, which was torn in September, has classrooms, laboratories, cold storage rooms and an auditorium, as well as office space for those who work on the farm. A mural depicting a map of North Carolina showing the various crops grown in the state – including grapes, cotton, Christmas trees – greets visitors to the lobby.

“Most of the active research takes place on the farm, but the building provides a space for people to evaluate crops and review data on those crops,” said Moses. “It’s kind of a floating space where people can gather instead of having to go back and forth to campus.”

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