Aboriginal Return: Youthful Individuals Are Again in Greensboro Due to Marketing campaign | Native

“Since returning, it feels like the Greensboro beer scene has exploded,” she said. “I love visiting downtown breweries. The local food scene here is just that good. I wasn’t as familiar with it as I thought until I actually withdrew. “

Action Greensboro and the boomerangs campaign linked Bailey with groups of young professionals such as synerG and the Future Fund. She attended networking events and met other young adults with similar interests.

She praises the idea of ​​the boomerangs campaign.

“When I was here I thought I knew all that Greensboro has to offer,” she said. “But I’ve lost touch a bit. It’s great that we have these resources now to remind people how great Greensboro is and what opportunities people have when they return. “

Upon arriving in Greensboro, she bought a home under the city’s first home purchase program that provided $ 10,000 down payment.

She closed her house in April. She turned 30 four days later.

“My biggest birthday present ever,” she said.

You can go home again

After leaving Greensboro 23 years ago, Sara Beth Verm returned with her husband Justin and their four children in mid-June.

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