ACC event to return to Greensboro in 2023 | WFU

This March, Greensboro was scheduled to host college basketball tournaments for three consecutive weeks: the 28th ACC Women’s Tournament, the 67th ACC Men’s Tournament, and first and second round NCAA tournament games.

Brown hopes for a repeat in 2023.

“We submitted a request for NCAA tournament dates for ’23 through ’26,” said Brown. “My personal belief is… you would think that the NCAA would mark all websites that lost data in ’20 with new data in ’23. If so, we would be able to do the Trifecta again. That would really help our community recover. “

There have been more than 1 million confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S., more than 58,000 deaths.

Swofford doesn’t regret the decision to cancel the ACC tournament after six games. He knows the hollow feeling was necessary.

“The pain is real, but everyone has bigger problems now,” said Swofford. “That’s some good news, and it’s good that Greensboro is certainly looking forward to it. One of the difficult things in the world right now is that there is so much uncertainty ahead of us. This had to be done. And it had to be done quickly. “

And it was done before all of the signs of the tournament that never actually ended could be removed.

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