Actor Ken Jeong displays on his youth in Greensboro |

Actor and comedian Ken Jeong, who is a doctor, helped care for a woman who was having a medical emergency during his show in Phoenix on Saturday.


Suzy Nakamura and Ken Jeong star in the new ABC comedy “Dr. Ken. ”Jeong not only plays a doctor on the show, he’s one in real life. Jeong grew up in Greensboro and attended Page High School. The show premiered on Friday night.

From Tim Clodfelter Winston-Salem Journal

BEVERLY HILLS, California – After stealing supporting roles in films like the “Hangover” trilogy and the TV series “Community”, Ken Jeong is ready to take on the lead role.

Jeong, 46, stars in “Dr. Ken, ”a new sitcom based on his years as a doctor before moving to comedy. Before that, he spent his youth in the triad.

“I’ve spent all of my formative years in Greensboro,” he said. “All of my education really came from North Carolina: I went to Page High School, I went to Aycock Junior High School, I went to Cone Elementary School. And my parents still live in Greensboro, so I was only there for Father’s Day. I go back there a couple of times a year.

“I only have fond memories of this area and I still like to go back. And I went to Duke undergraduate studies and Carolina Med School, so to myself I’m just very proud to have grown up in North Carolina. “

He made his first leap into stand-up comedy at the Berkeley Cafe in Raleigh.

“It was when I was in medical school – first year I think,” he said. “It was a terrible, terrible performance. And rightly so. I’ve earned every little bit of it. This is ‘welcome to get up’. You have to pay your dues. And I definitely have. I had all the brutal crowds. “

With “Dr. Ken, ”which airs Friday at 8:30 pm on ABC, he plays a doctor who does his job well but poorly in the bedside manner, prone to sarcastic jokes and ridicule. Suzy Nakamura plays his ever-patient wife and his staff includes reliable comedians like Jonathan Slavin, Tisha Campbell-Martin and Dave Foley.

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