Alarming. That is what the Greensboro police say concerning the variety of highway deaths up to now. |

Speed, along with alcohol, played a role in an accident that killed 20-year-old Makieya Rae Smith on July 3.

Smith was a passenger in a vehicle that passed the intersection of South Spring and West Washington Streets, drifted off the road, and sped into a school. Smith was found dead by first responders and three others were injured in the car, police reported.

It’s not a place Price would predict an accident – a trend he has noticed in some of the most recent accidents.

“There will always be problem areas,” Price said.

And if you live here you know them well. Busy thoroughfares such as Wendover Avenue, Battleground Avenue, and West Market Street are common locations for heavy traffic and accidents.

But lately, crash sites have been appearing “by accident,” Price said.

“There’s nothing – and nowhere – we can draw a straight line and say, ‘That’s the absolute problem,'” Price said. “Apart from the fact that people make really bad decisions when driving.”

A committee made up of the Greensboro Police Department and city and state traffic officials usually meet after deadly wrecks to determine if there was a technical problem or something else that might have prevented the accident.

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