Anger with a cage: ‘The Christmas Ball Man’ has seen the sunshine of day in Greensboro for years | Messages

News spread from there – and tree ball envy. Slowly people began to request his services.

Now he decorates 70 to 80 meters a year and fills trees with the balls of fairy lights that he constructs himself.

You may have seen his sign in the courtyards around Greensboro advertizing as “The Christmas Ball Guy”.

Maybe you have become a loyal customer. Or would like to be one. If so, prepare yourself.

“It’s seven days a week, starting the week before Thanksgiving and ending about five days before Christmas,” May said.

Lifting these balls of light into some of the tallest trees in the city is not an easy task, May said. He uses a device called a sling bar to hurl hanging ropes over branches.

Often times, when people try to do it themselves, say, the results are mixed.

Some homes are pretty easy to decorate, with homeowners only wanting a handful of lights.

Other places … well, they can be more challenging.

Like a new job on Country Club Drive, home to some very tall trees.

“You want 100,” said May.

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