Anti-Semitic leaflets scattered within the Greensboro neighborhoods | crime

GREENSBORO – Authorities are investigating the distribution of anti-Semitic leaflets in the city Sunday morning, a Greensboro police spokesman said.

A “COVID agenda” is mentioned in the flyers and several federal health and company officials are named – and they are called Jewish. They were put in plastic bags and dumped in hundreds of driveways and courtyards in many different neighborhoods, said Marilyn Chandler, executive director of the Greensboro Jewish Federation.

Greensboro Police Department spokesman Ron Glenn said the department is investigating what happened and that the police have received complaints from people in the Old Irving Park neighborhood. He does not know how many leaflets have been distributed.

Although some of the flyers were thrown next to newspapers, “they didn’t come from the newspaper carrier, they came from a different source,” Chandler said in a telephone interview.

Temple Emanuel posted a statement on his Facebook page:

“This morning a number of members of the local Jewish community and others received a hideous piece of anti-Semitic hatred. … It tries to spread anti-Semitic, obviously false and nasty conspiracies about the Covid virus and our nation’s efforts to fight its spread.

“We’re not the first church in which this has happened. Our hearts go out to all who have received this shameful propaganda.

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