Artistic Greensboro and Scrapmettle current staged studying from ‘Ona’ on June 30th | The humanities

GREENSBORO, NC (June 17, 2021) – Creative Greensboro’s Playwrights Forum, in partnership with Scrapmettle Entertainment, continues the Wednesday fifth reading series featuring Keith Burridge’s “Ona.” Audiences can view this production and attend the curated feedback session on Wednesday June 30th at 7pm Creative Greensboro’s Facebook page.

“Ona” is a play about Ona Judge, who was enslaved by Martha Washington. She was one of the few enslaved people who successfully escaped the Washington Islands. She had to run away when she heard it was Martha’s wedding present for her demanding, quick-tempered granddaughter. Settled in Philadelphia, then the capital of the United States, in the 1790s, this was a time when hypocritical enslaved people upheld the ideal of “all human beings are created equal.”

Scrapmettle Entertainment is a Greensboro-based network of writers, directors and performing artists who honor theatrical traditions and create new performances. The company’s work aims to reveal what lies beneath the surface of the human experience and use it as a learning tool through realistic scenes on the stage.

Founded in 2019, Creative Greensboro provides support, access to, and awareness of the Greensboro creative community. Creative Greensboro supports the development of a vibrant city through a range of programs, services and partnerships. To learn more about Creative Greensboro visit their website,

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