Artistic Greensboro gives free or discounted house on the Greensboro Cultural Heart firm

GREENSBORO, NC (October 15, 2020) – Creative Greensboro, the city’s arts and culture bureau, is now accepting applications from individuals and organizations, the space of the Greensboro Cultural Center through its Creative Activation Partners (CAP), and for free or to reduced cost to avail programs of the Greensboro Residency for Original Works (GROW). Find out more and apply to

“These initiatives enable Creative Greensboro to support and grow the work of creatives and emerging arts and cultural organizations,” said Ryan Deals, Greensboro’s creative economy officer who oversees Creative Greensboro. “The Greensboro Cultural Center has long been a place of critical support for creative organizations. These new programs will bring new and diverse individuals and organizations into this space. “

Creative Greensboro is particularly interesting when it comes to making room for programs that are different from those already on offer at the Greensboro Cultural Center and that focus on engaging color communities, low-income residents or people with disabilities.

CAP is a room rental program that provides affordable, hourly access to the Greensboro Cultural Center’s music rooms, dance studios, theater studios, and a conference room for arts and culture programs. Check the program overview A full list of admission guidelines and application details can be found here.

GROW provides a free space for creative individuals or organizations to produce new and original works that encourage public attendance and engagement. Residents have one to four weeks access to the 800 square meter exhibition and performance space at the Davie Street entrance to the Greensboro Cultural Center. Applications will be accepted continuously from January 2021.

“This central and prominent space is extremely versatile and can be used for various media, multidisciplinary projects and intimate performances. We are excited to support a variety of creative projects through this residency program, ”said Deal.

The first residence in GROW will be Greensboro’s Casa Azul, a non-profit arts and entertainment organization that supports and promotes Latino culture. Casa Azul will build and present a community ofrenda, an altar with a collection of objects that will be placed at a ritual exhibition during the annual and traditionally Mexican Día de Muertos celebration. The ofrenda can be viewed in the community from November 1st to 15th on days and at certain times announced by Casa Azul.

Founded in 2019, Creative Greensboro provides support for the Greensboro creative community, ensuring their access and promoting their awareness. Creative Greensboro supports the development of a vibrant city through a range of programs, services and partnerships. To learn more about Creative Greensboro, visit

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