Artistic Greensboro is giving freely $ 60,000 to advertise creativity grants to companies

GREENSBORO, NC (December 18, 2020) – Ten creative programs planned for the first half of 2021 have received $ 60,000 from the Catalyzing Creativity Grant, the first funding initiative from Greensboro’s Arts and Culture Bureau, Creative Greensboro.

The grants will provide financial support to nonprofits and creative individuals with a specific intent to involve color communities, low income communities, and people with disabilities. The Catalyzing Creativity Grant was developed in response to the Creative Greensboro Cultural Plan’s goal of “identifying culture-specific and emerging arts and cultural organizations and developing an initiative that supports their organizational growth, resilience and programmatic reach.”

The scholars were selected by a group of five arts and culture professionals from across the country, including Ernest Disney-Britton of the Arts Council of Indianapolis, Benjamen Douglas of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Luis Gomez of Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, Ruby Lopez Harper from Americans for the Arts and Eboni Lewis from the Arts & Science Council in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

“We are excited to provide this support for projects that reflect the diversity of Greensboro’s creative interests. The people and organizations behind each of these projects are trusted leaders in our community with extensive experience who offer dynamic and effective programming. These awards mark the first time every nonprofit and individual has received grants from the city, making the occasion even more special, ”said Ryan Deal, Greensboro’s chief creative economy officer.

2020 will catalyze recipients of creativity grants

* * Casa Azul from Greensboro is awarded $ 5,634 to support a series of events featuring three local artists who highlight and stand up for the Latinx voice in the community. Learn more about Casa Azul at

* * iAlign Dance Company is awarded $ 10,000 for using a tripartite dance, education, and outreach approach to create a virtual dance show on bullying. For more information on iAlign, please visit

* * Montagnard Dega Association is awarded $ 8,500 for a six-month residency program for young Montagnard artists and a two-day intergenerational celebration. Learn more about the Montagnard Dega Association at

* * Magnolia House Foundation Inc. is awarded $ 3,667 for a virtual reality project that shows the historic Magnolia House Hotel as it looked and operated in 1949 and changed in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Learn more at

* * Revised goods is awarded US $ 4,543 to support a creative arts program to reuse and recycle migrant and refugee families with children ages 5-13. Learn more about reconditioned goods at

* * TAB Arts Center Non-profit Inc. is awarded $ 8,500 for creating a functional ancestral sculpture garden at the East White Oak Community Center. You can find more information about TAB at

* * Royal Expressions Contemporary Ballet is awarded $ 5,976 to support a June 19 celebration that illuminates black art and culture in the Greensboro community through workshops, awards, showcases, and a marketplace. Learn more about Royal Expressions at

* * Josephus Thompson III is awarded $ 2,593 to support fifteen poets from around the country who are invited to compete for a cash prize of $ 1,000 in the spoken word competition “The Freedom Slam”.

* * Kimberly Harper is awarded $ 5,984 to support the storytelling story through literature and textile arts in the Black Community by bringing youth and elders together to create a quilters’ guild.

* * Come here bryant A single filmmaker will receive $ 4,603 to help a team of professionals run community workshops on the preproduction process, script development, and collaboration ahead of the shooting of a new play.

For more information on Creative Greensboro, please visit

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