As soon as misplaced in time, the brand new Greensboro Conference Middle was introduced again to life in keeping with native information

The walls of the salon are covered with framed mirrors. The two largest mirrors with Art Deco detailing were salvaged by Simon Ritchy when they were removed from the old Woolworth’s former shop nearby.

“I feel very lucky to have her here,” said McClinton. “They are such important artifacts in our history. I don’t take this lightly. I sit in this room and think about all the good and bad things that they have reflected in people. It can be sobering and overwhelming. “

A skylight that was once covered by a fold-down ceiling now brings light into the room. A mirror was exposed and detailed. Tin tiles went up where the false ceiling used to be.

McClinton’s husband and father built an Art Deco-inspired bar and buffet in The Palm room, which features rustic benches along with 1960s lighting fixtures.

In allusion to the history of the building, a framed group of portraits of three women who are said to have been prostitutes who worked in the hotel hangs above the door to the stairs.

The Ritchy family has their own story with the building and the building next door.

McClinton’s brothers Philip and Alex Ritchy opened Ritchy’s Uptown in 1996 on the third floor of the adjoining building that later became The Green Burro sports bar. They opened Longshank’s pool on the second floor. All of the restaurants created by the Ritchy family led to a renaissance in the city center in the late 1990s.

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