August 15, 2021 night climate replace for Greensboro | climate

For the drive home in Greensboro: Thunderstorms likely in the evening. Then there can be isolated thunderstorms later. Low near 70F. Light and variable winch. 80% chance of rain. Monday, the Greensboro people should be prepared for high temperatures. The weather forecast calls for a mild 85 degrees. 70 degrees is tomorrow’s low. Storm periods are to be expected tomorrow. Don’t go out without an umbrella or raincoat. Tomorrow’s forecast has a precipitation probability of 60%. Tomorrow’s UV index is high. The sun rays will be intense. If possible, stay in the shade. Wear sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen when in sunlight. There will be light winds in the area tomorrow, with winds only 10 miles per hour coming from the southeast. This report is automatically generated using weather data provided by Stay up to date. Visit for local news and weather.

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