Backyard waste is Greensboro’s latest casualty of COVID-19 | Native information

Marriott said the increase in household waste is putting a strain on the system.

“But this is more about protecting the health of our employees and maintaining that social distancing,” he said.

Greensboro residents can continue to bag garden waste in their private trash cans or clear, disposable trash bags and store them in their homes until the moratorium ends, Marriott said.

He encouraged residents not to deposit their garden waste on the curb for the indefinite period of the moratorium, but rather to stow it in a less conspicuous place.

According to Marriott, automation explains why the city can continue to collect trash and recyclables as usual.

The city’s automated trucks picking up from garbage and recycling bins are one-man operations that involve lifting the containers with mechanical arms, emptying them into the truck’s storage area, and then returning them to the curb, he said.

Similarly, the urban fleet includes multiple boom trucks with crane-like mechanical claws that can be operated by one person to lift and remove bulk materials that otherwise require at least two people to work at the same time, Marriott said.

But these mechanized collectors are not enough to feed the whole city without care. Plan ahead for the pickups, he said.

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