Beneath development: Greensboro is getting 72 new reasonably priced flats

Finding safe, affordable housing is a challenge in many cities across the country – and Greensboro is no stranger to the crisis.

GREENSBORO, NC – The Greensboro Housing Coalition says half of the people who live in the city are renting. And about half of these tenants pay more than a third of their income for rent.

In other words, the housing guides say that is around 20,000 households that tenants cannot afford where they live.

Affordable Housing Management, Inc. (AHM) aims to change that.

There is an empty square on the corner of Muirs Chapel Road and Kenview Street in West Greensboro. But there will be 72 apartments in a year, with rent for those who qualify starting at less than $ 260 a month.

“There are three levels of rents,” said Executive Director David Levy. “So the lowest rent will be around 259 US dollars, the most expensive – this would be for a three-room room – would be a little over 700 US dollars.”

Levy says they hope to solve a big problem: not enough quality and affordable rents.

“Unfortunately, there are many places where landlords no longer take care of their properties once they have rented them out,” he said.

While it may be just one complex to be completed in the summer of 2020, housing leaders across the city are unanimous – it’s an improvement – one apartment at a time.

“It’s so incredible how many people are calling our office looking for affordable housing. It’s just amazing,” said Levy, “We could build a few thousand of these this year and fill them easily and we still need ‘more.”

Greensboro leaders also want feedback from the community on the state of living in our town. Click here to take the survey or learn more about a feedback session on August 1st at 6pm

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