Chabad Greensboro holds Covid Compliant annual occasion forward of Rosh Hashanah | Eat Drink

A pandemic-compliant tailgate Women’s Challah Bake is what the Chabad Jewish Center of Greensboro did days before the Jewish high holidays. (Challah is pronounced with a hard “kch” guttural sound).

TOP PHOTO – Alexa Rose Cutler, left, Wendee Cutler, Debbie Benjamin and Davida Levine

In a physically distant formation along the periphery of the spacious parking lot of the A&B Store Fixtures Greensboro warehouse, about 20 women and several children have furiously made challah dough from scratch.

“Because of the pandemic, we had to innovate to bring women together for the annual joyful task of making challah in time for the Jewish high holidays,” said Hindy Plotkin, wife of Rabbi Yosef Plotkin, the spiritual leader of Chabad.

Following specific instructions from Hindy Plotkin, the traditional bread bakers mixed and kneaded the traditional Jewish Sabbath and Holiday Bread and shaped it in a round pan for home baking. Chabad provided a bag with all the ingredients, a mixing bowl and utensils as well as a table for the preparation.

The ten-day, solemn, introspective Jewish New Year 5781 begins this Friday at sunset with Rosh Hashanah and ends on Yom Kippur, or Day of Atonement. In the Jewish lunar calendar, the Jewish New Year 5781 begins on Table 1, which corresponds to September 18 in the solar or civil calendar.

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