Coming to America: An Afghan household fleeing war-torn Kabul to Greensboro is welcomed ‘house’ | Native information

College Park had been preparing for this family since late last week when Rev. Michael Usey, the Church’s pastor, learned of their arrival from the African Services Coalition.

He announced it in church the next day – and from then on it started.

Usey said the community strives to be a good neighbor.

“Every religion I know makes a point of welcoming the stranger, and Christianity is no different,” Usey said. “Jesus ‘family was evicted because of his birth in Bethlehem and later immigrated to Egypt. Jesus’ last parable before his death taught his friends that when they welcomed the stranger, they would welcome the stranger.”

Usey, whose community has campaigned for family resettlement in the past, points to the many churches, temples, synagogues and mosques that also welcome the Afghan people.

“And of course not only religious people, but also atheists and people without a religious community, these newcomers are welcome and generous,” said Usey. “This is the best of America.”

The first Afghan refugees are welcomed at PTIA

Relocation agencies such as the African Services Coalition, Church World Service and World Relief Triad have been announced and signed as newcomers are dispatched to military bases across the country and tens of thousands are expected to enter the country in the coming weeks and months. So they are busy preparing on site and reaching out to the community – for volunteers, sponsors, financial support.

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