Condemned properties in Greensboro complicated by which kids died; Residents have 30 days to maneuver |

African refugee families are returning to the apartments on Summit Avenue after an August 4 meeting where members of Greensboro City Council heard concerns about housing standards from refugees and refugee officials.

H. Scott Hoffmann / News & Record

By Richard M. Barron

GREENSBORO – Greensboro housing inspectors have convicted 41 units of the Summit Avenue apartment complex, in which five children were killed in a fire earlier this year.

Families living in occupied units of the 41 must leave within 30 days, according to a Greensboro city news release.

A local non-profit organization for affordable housing said 30 families are affected by the order.

The complex, at 3100, 3102 and 3104 Summit Ave., comprises 42 apartments in three buildings.

The apartment owner said her company was working to fix violations as soon as possible.

The city said Wednesday that inspectors visited the apartments on Monday and found 696 violations of the city’s minimum housing regulations. The city said the inspectors had fixed 144 violations they found during their last inspection in May.

Five refugee children died in a fire on May 12 in an apartment on 3100 Summit Avenue. Firefighters said unattended cooking caused the fire.

The complex was attractive to families and resettlement organizations as the management took in refugees with no previous work history or credit. Even after the resettlement agencies stopped housing people because of complaints about living conditions, some families stayed and others joined them.

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