Dayna Hilton: Memphis Hearth Museum Hearth Prevention Packages

Molly the Fire Safety Dog after her tour of the Fire Museum of Memphis.

Photo courtesy Dayna Hilton

Hello everybody!

I recently read an article that said the Memphis Fire Museum has received a grant to update its museum. This is part 2 of the series on the Memphis Fire Museum and what they’re doing to improve their fire safety efforts (read part 1 here).

As I mentioned in Part 1, I packed the SpotMobile with my spotted companion Molly (the fire dog) and we drove to Memphis to find out more. Thanks to General Manager Penny Smith, Molly and I were greeted at the museum with open arms, as the fire dogs had done before her (Sparkles, Siren, and Tango). We interviewed Chris Stephens, a firefighter with the Memphis Fire Department, who recently joined the staff at the Fire Museum. Chris shared with us the upcoming plans for the museum and gave a guided tour. Penny was grateful that we could share the footage with the readers of Play it safe Blog.

If you have a fire museum or library near you, Molly and I would love to Skype for free with your guests in your museum or library. We would also be happy to use Skype with your fire brigade if you so wish. Please visit to learn more about our program, which is supported by our corporate partners First Alert and State Farm.

Speaking of fire museums, Molly and I will be at the Aurora Regional Fire Museum on October 2nd for an event with fire protection and fun. If you live in the Chicagoland area, we’d love to see you! Tickets are free but limited so get your tickets today! To find out more about the evening with Molly at the museum, visit!/events/520745438001294/

To learn more about the Memphis Fire Museum, visit the website at

Visit Molly on Facebook at and follow her adventures as she travels the country to share fire safety.

Until next time: stay safe!

Dayna and Molly

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