Developer helps deliver inexpensive housing to Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, NC developer Theodore Stevens says people couldn’t see the potential at first.

“When it started there were only two vacant lots and a rundown house that the city wanted to demolish,” he said.

Now, at 3700 Delancy St. in Greensboro, there is a 12-apartment building that will be ready to move into soon.

Genesis Gardens is Greensboro’s latest example of partnering with developers to bring more affordable housing to the area.

“Here in Greensboro, our lower-income families, we know that around 35,000 households have costs. Her apartment there costs more than 30 percent of her income, ”said Cynthia Blue, director of housing services for the City of Greensboro.

Genesis Gardens development began in February 2016.

The 12 three-bedroom, two-bath apartments are nearly 1,200 square feet and can be rented for anywhere from $ 750 to $ 800.

The City of Greensboro invested $ 350,000 in a soft loan from Nussbaum Housing Partnership Funds.

However, the city says housing isn’t the total solution, but partnering with agencies and organizations that specialize in human resource development is the other part of solving the problem.

“To work with the organizations that can help families increase their incomes because we can only build a limited number of homes,” said Blue.

Stevens, who is also a pastor at the nearby Genesis Baptist Church, feels attached to the community.

“It was never about the money. It was always about the results, ”he said.

Tenants can move from May 1st.

For help finding affordable housing, visit or call the Greensboro Housing Coalition housing line at (336) 691-9521.


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