Do you assume life as a zookeeper is enjoyable? It is also work on this Greensboro Science Heart camp. | Native

Using their own life experience as an example, Culbertson shows campers that there are an infinite number of careers that allow them to help animals.

“I could become a zookeeper,” said Nikunj, “but I also want to be an engineer. An engineer could help a zoo keeper by building tanks for animal shelters. “

Nikunj means large tanks like the ones in the Science Center that house aquatic life.

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On Wednesday, campers peeked into the opening of Shark Reef – the center’s largest tank – and learned about the 90,000 gallons of salt water needed to feed the sharks, stingrays, eels and other fish inside.

And they weren’t just allowed to look. A small group of campers in a control room poured 840 pounds of sea salt down a drain to make “sea water”. The sea salt is used in almost every tank in the Science Center.

“You can do the work,” said Culbertson, “to see what it really is.”

During their five days, campers even shovel barns and feed animals – all part of the daily life of the Science Center staff.

Nikunj said his favorite part was helping with work. It’s the “real experience” of a zookeeper.

Although Wednesday focused on aquarium maintenance, campers also get an insight into other disciplines.

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