Doubling the EBT Meals Advantages: Greensboro Grocery Markets are an important deal for low-income households on the lookout for contemporary meals | Native information

The Corner Market, a year-round open-air market with bakers and chefs and specialties like roasted coffee and wild mushrooms, was recently authorized to accept WIC vouchers as well. It is on South Elam and Walker Avenues.

“If you take $ 10 and you go to Food Lion or Walmart or Aldi or whatever store you shop at, it’s worth $ 10,” said Shante Woody, manager of People’s Market. “But if you put the same $ 10 on your card and come here, we’ll give you $ 20 to spend.”

“It’s like getting a gift card for the best food in town,” said Kathy Newsom, coordinator for Corner Farmers Market, which includes local meat sellers.

The Volksmarkt is open every Thursday from April to October and serves as the prelude to this year’s city-wide June celebration.

The community raised and raised over $ 26,000 to fund the Green for Greens program in 2020. Combined with USDA SNAP dollars, this meant more than $ 50,000 in nutritious food, according to the organizers, but also an investment of $ 50,000 in local farms and food producers.

With the program currently providing more than $ 750 in SNAP dollars each week, the fund could be depleted by July 4th. A few weeks ago, The Corner Market hit $ 986 in EBT and SNAP spending.

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