Eric Church challenged the Greensboro Meals Truck Operator on Weblog: Brief Orders

The Pearl Kitchen at the Eric Church concert.

Daven Merchant.

By Carl Wilson

GREENSBORO – Daven Merchant didn’t plan on feeding any of the hottest country stars last week. Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, he was busy getting his newest company up and running.

But when he got an email from the catering manager for the Eric Church crew, Merchant thought it was going to be a good gig.

The 28-year-old merchant runs the food truck The Pearl Kitchen, which specializes in Philadelphia-style cheesesteaks and burgers. Merchant and his chef were asked to cater for country superstar Eric Church and his band and crew at the concert last Saturday night at Greensboro Coliseum – one of the biggest shows in Colosseum history.

“We have to meet him and his band,” said Merchant. “We were invited backstage to see the show.”

The dealer said he pulled the truck into the Colosseum parking lot at around 9 p.m. and saw part of the show that ended around 11:45 p.m.

Then it was a matter of taking care of the church’s crew of around 100 in shifts while they were loading equipment onto semi-trailers.

The last order went out around 2:30 am

The dealer says the church is happy to support food trucks.

“Eric is a huge fan of burgers and cheesesteaks,” said Merchant. “They were very nice people.”

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