Extra anticipated evictions associated to a Greensboro substance abuse remedy company may put a pressure on nonprofits making an attempt to assist affected households, housing officers warns | Native information

A United Youth Care Services spokeswoman was unavailable late Friday. However, in a June 25 statement, the agency said it “categorically denies the many allegations made against it regarding Medicaid fraud and inadequate care for its customers”.

The state health department has been investigating such agencies for the past few months and announced last week it would revoke the license of Ready4Change, a similar drug abuse agency in Greensboro that was providing substandard accommodation to its customers, DHHS said in a report.

Many former clients of this agency and their families, more than 20 people, now live at the Red Roof Inn on Meadowview Road with the help of Byerly’s agency and the City of Greensboro after Ready4Change told them last month to move to the Grandview Pointe Apartments at 3128 Utah Square.

Tina Ogundiran of Ever Changing Lives Ministries supports families displaced by drug abuse authorities. She said Friday she heard from people from across the city while the state continues its investigation.

“It’s an epidemic. It’s a homeless epidemic in our city and I speak as an advocate for the homeless,” Ogundiran said.

She said she spoke to up to eight people in South Pointe who are threatened with eviction with their children, a total of 30 people, and many will not have a place to live.

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