For the document: Clarence Avant’s path to the Rock Corridor of Fame started in Greensboro | Native information

Avant started careers, but also, as reported in the film, helped companies like MCA get into the black music business.

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For Avant, it was about ensuring fairness.

“He said, ‘Would you like some help getting MCA into the black music business?'” Said one executive with a laugh in the documentary wanted to tell you anyway. ‘”

The documentary paints Avant as a man with wisdom, connections and a good sense of direction for life that others have come to cherish.

“I definitely learned a thing or two at home,” Avant said this week while growing up in the greater Greensboro area.

The eldest of eight siblings of maid Gertrude Avant, his family lived in a small, neat house in Climax, in the shadow of Greensboro.

A young Clarence Avant once looked up at his mother and joked that the “F” on his certificate in her hands stood for “good”.

“She got one of those switches and closed the kitchen door so I wouldn’t escape and wear myself out,” Avant said with a laugh.

He also remembered the black and white children in the neighborhood who played together without thinking about skin color, even though they attended separate schools.

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