Fox invasion of Greensboro in reference to heavy building forcing them to discover a new house | Native information

Several other people posted reports on the website that they had been attacked by a fox in this part of town and were “going through the rabies protocol” as one of them put it.

Foxes are among the mammals most susceptible to rabies, but they are not the most likely to be infected. Raccoons receive this dubious award in Guilford County and across North Carolina.

The fox carcass to test positive for rabies was the second in Guilford County that year. The other animals confirmed to be rabid were five raccoons and two skunks, according to Guilford County public health officials.

In general, foxes are more visible this time of year because it’s “kit rearing season,” said Jodie Owen of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.

Young foxes, called kits or pups, reach maturity and spend more time outside of their dens while learning the basics of survival.

“The females teach them how to hunt and play with them,” said Owen. “That’s why we usually get a lot of calls on our wildlife hotline at this time of year.

Suburban homeowners may well find that a fox family has used the crawl space under a shed, porch, deck, or similar structure for their new den.

Foxes only occupy these improvised sanctuaries until the young are able to support themselves, usually in midsummer, Owen said. Then they move out and return to a lifestyle that is geared towards intersecting with people much less often.

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