Getting on a Greensboro board or fee just isn’t all the time simple

The City of Greensboro regularly publishes a list of the council-appointed bodies and commissions with open positions. It also instructs people interested in serving on a board of directors or commission how to apply, but it’s a little insincere because it’s far more complicated to get appointed than the notice suggests.

Greensboro City Council makes these appointments, and the goal of the City Council is to have an equal number of people from each of the five city council districts on each board or commission. Since there are five council districts and the vast majority of boards and commissions have nine members, this is an impossible task, made difficult by the fact that every member of the city council has an appointment on most boards and commissions.

So if there is a job, for example with the Parks and Recreation Commission, and you would like to join, but you live in District 4 and the opening is for someone from District 1, then your chances of getting that appointment are very slim if you have experience or a relevant degree.

The mayor and three councilors can appoint people from across the city, but usually try to adapt to the geographic mix. And it’s good that the city council doesn’t stick to the same standard. District 4 has three representatives on the city council. District 3 and District 2 have two. District 1 and District 5 only have one.

However, if you think you can win the district lottery and be nominated to a board of directors or commission, here is the list of positions that have open positions:

Bryan Park Golf Commission

Guilford County / City Insurance Advisory Committee

Guilford County Historic Preservation Commission

Greensboro Criminal Justice Advisory Commission

Greensboro Guilford County Tourism Development Agency

Greensboro Historic Preservation Commission

Greensboro Housing Authority

Greensboro Parks and Recreation Commission

Greensboroo City Library Board of Trustees

Greensboro Transit Advisory Commission

Human Relations Commission

Minimum Housing Standards Commission

Participatory budgeting

Planning board

Restructuring commission

Waste Management Commission

War Memorial Commission

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