Going Deep: Greensboro officers wish to elevate water charges – by a sizeable quantity of native authorities

GREENSBORO – Greensboro’s water resources division informed the city council a year ago that they would likely propose a rate increase.

The department will tell the city council on Tuesday why the city’s water users should pay a higher rate of 4.5%. The increase would be $ 2.12 per month for the average user within the city limits and increase the average bill to $ 49.22 for most.

Individuals living outside the city limits but connected to public utility companies pay an average monthly bill of $ 122.72, an increase of $ 5.28 from the current average of $ 117.44.

The currently proposed increases would begin in the upcoming fiscal year, which begins July 1 and runs through June 30, 2022.

In the following fiscal year, the water authorities said, customers could see the rate increase another 4%, bringing the average bill within city limits to $ 51.19.

According to city officials, average prices for customers in Greensboro are still among the lowest in the state after Winston-Salem, Durham, Charlotte and Raleigh.

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