Greensboro Aquatic Middle plans a restricted reopening subsequent week | Native information

That is still promising for the year-round clubs. The Aquatic Center has been closed since mid-March, three days before it was supposed to host the major NCAA Division III championships.

Kevin Thornton, the Swim GSA’s head coach, said his group of 100 plans to hold six hour long workouts a day, trying to fill all 10 spots for everyone to make the most of the time available.

“Most of these kids who swim for us, at least those 12 and older, have never been out of the water that long,” Thornton said. “So the next challenge will be to get back in the water, to acclimatize, to get the blows back. … Realistically we see in December for our first “real” meeting. We might have a few little ones starting in September leading to this one. If we can. “

During the time out of the water, Swim GSA instructors held 10 virtual dryland workouts per week on Zoom to guide age group exercises.

STAR Aquatics took a similar approach for its 170 members ages 6 and up, said club founder Jay Dodson.

“Everyone is looking forward to getting back in the water and having this opportunity after the past 2½ months,” said Dodson. “We’re a small company like any other small company out there, and it has been a challenge. We did a lot of zoom meetings and interactive things to keep our kids busy, but it’s just not the same as being in the pool. “

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