Greensboro asks native residents about housing circumstances and wishes | Native information

“These problems are deep-seated problems that have no easy solution,” said Jennifer Day, one of the advisors, to the group after the discussion ended. “These cannot be fixed in five years.”

Your company works for the Greensboro Neighborhood Development Department, which hopes to use the research it has collected for two purposes. First of all, a report is prepared stating that cities’ HUDs must report on their housing situation and strategies for dealing with it every five years. This helps HUD see that the federal money it spends on housing is being properly managed.

But the city also plans to develop a strategy to spend up to $ 25 million in local home bond money approved by voters in 2016 housing problems.

The topics that came up on Thursday covered a broad spectrum. Some people were there to talk about the challenges of housing refugees who are coming to the area. Some said the mentally ill, the disabled and the elderly need more housing. A landlord was there and said developers are spending millions on higher priced apartments. With the right local incentives, they could be tempted to develop affordable housing, he said.

He said the government is funding public housing, but if they don’t give some of that money to landlords, they won’t interfere.

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