Greensboro attorneys are urging the choose to curb public talking and doc legal professional publications for the Marcus Smith household at native authorities

“There is further evidence that Ms. Petty is working with the plaintiff’s attorney to generate pre-trial notices on this case,” said the motion, which includes screenshots of Petty and Pitts speaking at council meetings.

Taylor said the city is making active efforts, with reference to Pitts, Petty and others, to intimidate residents into stop referring to public documents.

“They are trying to calm down our right to speak,” said Taylor.

Taylor has been the lead attorney in the lawsuit since it was filed in Spring 2019, several months after Smith’s death.

On the night of September 8, 2018, an excited Smith approached officials working on a downtown festival and asked for their help.

The 38-year-old agreed to sit in a patrol car before being rushed to a hospital but was seriously disturbed and banged on the door window. When the police opened the door, they put him on the floor and tied his hands and feet behind his back.

Within a few minutes, Smith fell silent and stopped breathing.

He was pronounced dead after being taken to a local hospital.

A state coroner said Smith died of cardiac arrest caused by a variety of factors. Including: “Reclining restraint” by the police, cardiovascular diseases as well as drugs and alcohol in his system.

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