Greensboro caterers supply take away meals

Products like beef tenderloin, lasagna and chicken marsala are just a few of the starters Rudy’s offers.

Pepper Moon implemented Moon To-Go, a family dinner menu for four. It includes appetizers like Swedish turkey meatballs with egg noodles, soy ginger salmon with brown jasmine rice, and red ribs made from red wine.

“It’s an advantage. People don’t have to go out or go to the store, ”said Joe Staehly.

How about dinner with smoked breast or baked spaghetti? Or maybe you want a few egg layers for the weekend breakfast? These are just a few of the main dishes Exclamations brings to market each week, along with a variety of sizes like cranberry and chicken salad and maple bread pudding.

“We tried to figure out what we had here and what we could do for people, and then we put together a few simple meals,” said Currie.

Joe Staehly said Pepper Moon typically had between 100 and 175 part-time employees for large events, and they’d all been fired for cancellations.

“There is nothing that can be more effective for the catering business,” he said.

He hopes the company’s employees will keep employees busy with take-away meals.

In addition to Rudy’s Café, the Hawkins Spring Garden Bakery and Coffeehouse and Koolies Coffee and Creamery operate. You employ 29 people. Jay Hawkins said his to-go service helps make them work.

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