Greensboro Cell Dwelling residents are calling for a gathering to debate evictions

A group of Latino residents in Greensboro have requested to meet with a property manager to discuss an application to vacate a RV park.

Residents of the United Neighbors of Hiatt St. Mobile Homes Association have written a letter to the Family Properties management company requesting a meeting to discuss an eviction request.

According to a press release from Siembra NC, the company sent Jamison Mobile Home Park residents a notice in July to move by late September or late August if they rent. RV residents say they fear displacement during the pandemic, although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in counties with high COVID-19 infection rates have extended an eviction moratorium.

According to the press release, the community is located near downtown, with many residents relying on public transportation for medical appointments and grocery visits. Some RV owners say there are no other places within the city limits to move a trailer.

The Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission recently cleared a rededication application that does not recognize the existence of the RV park, which is home to 18 families.

A number of local interest groups support the residents in their efforts to stay in their homes.

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