Greensboro Code Compliance Division warns residents of potential fraud, says town | Native information

GREENSBORO – The city’s Code Compliance Division is warning local residents of a potential scam involving people claiming to be contractors solving a “violation notice” for a cash fee.

A Greensboro resident told city officials that someone claimed to be a contractor and asked for $ 250 to mow the homeowner’s lawn, the city said in a press release today.

The city is not demanding cash payments to fix violations of the code, so the allegations are believed to be fraud, the city said.

Greensboro residents approached by someone making the same type of offer should verify the person’s validity by calling compliance code at 336-373-2111, the city said.

Individuals can also report scams to either the Greensboro Police Department at 336-373-2222 or Guilford Metro 911 at 336-373-2933.

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