Greensboro Council Appoints Arts and Tradition Monitoring Fee | Native information

GREENSBORO – The city already has an office for arts and culture. Now the city has a public commission dealing with arts and culture issues.

The Greensboro Culture Commission, made up of nine city council-appointed members, will help develop guidelines “in community affairs related to arts and culture,” according to a council of resolutions approved Tuesday.

The process that led to the new commission began in 2018 when the council set up a 21-person task force, co-chaired by Councilor Nancy Hoffmann and volunteer Jacquie Gilliam, to examine the financial needs and sustainability of local art groups.

This group created a plan to expand the city’s art and culture resources and create a prosperous environment for artists.

Two years ago, the city named Ryan Deal as the city’s first chief creative economy officer overseeing the arts and culture bureau.

The ultimate goal is the full commission. Its members have a three-year term with the option of being reappointed for a further three-year term.

Diversity was a key objective of the Council in setting up the Commission. The group has four white women, two black men, a multiracial woman, a Hispanic woman, and a Pacific Islander / Asian member.

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