Greensboro Council Votes New Counties to Equalize Inhabitants | Native authorities

Sharon Hightower

Andrew Krech / News & Record

District 1 councilor Sharon Hightower, one of the noisiest members of the council, said she felt the pie-shaped card would incapacitate thousands of voters while there is much economic potential in her district with limited changes. A district in your district will move into District 5 on the approved card.

“For me right now, the slightest change would be the moderate change map,” she said.

The work is more urgent than usual as the final census figures were released in September this year and the November elections were postponed to March 2022. The city must submit district changes to the state election committee by November 12th.

The citizens’ committee held four meetings and recommended three potential cards.

They were led by Mac McCarley, a reallocation expert and attorney at Raleigh’s Parker Poe law firm.

McCarley and members of the committee presented their conclusions at the regular council meeting on October 19.

The council shaped the redistribution process early on by forbidding the committee to consider voter patterns, party registrations or the residential addresses of incumbent council members.

McCarley told councilors in October that these considerations were legal, but the council wanted a more neutral approach that took into account population numbers and demographics.

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