Greensboro Councilor’s new job with the town places its dealing with to the take a look at | Native authorities

Kennedy is the highest-scoring candidate, Wilson said.

“I use my own ethical compass,” said Wilson. “If she hadn’t done well, she wouldn’t have made any progress.”

And while no state law prohibits an elected official from applying for a job in his city, there is a certain gray area, said a government expert.

Frayda Bluestein, a professor at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government, said she does not give opinions on ethics, whether something is right or wrong. However, she points to a state law that prohibits elected officials from benefiting from “public contracts”.

“At some point, before accepting the employment contract, I think there is a conflict,” wrote Bluestein in an email. “It’s not clear when that is.”

Tony Wilkins, a candidate for the District 5 seat, took the step of contacting NC Rep. Jon Hardister to see if Kennedy might have violated any state law.

Hardister, the Republican majority leader in the House of Representatives who represents Guilford County, said Thursday he put the hypothetical question to the General Assembly’s legal staff.

“The optics are certainly not good and the ethics are questionable,” said Hardister. “Nothing personal to anyone. But I was made aware of it and I thought it was worth a test. “

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