Greensboro drama program continues, partnering with different theater teams | leisure

Zach Orellana-Kennedy as Hotpsur, Nasim Bowlus as Lady Percy, Phillip Gilfus as King Henry, Adrian Quarles as Lord Northumberland and Donovan Clarey as the messenger in the 2016 Drama Center production of Shakespeare’s “King Henry IV, Part 1”. The Drama Center of City Arts has withdrawn that name to become part of Creative Greensboro, the city’s arts and culture bureau.

Courtesy Rosina Whitfield

GREENSBORO – The city will continue its acting program for the coming year, although this 53rd season will be different.

It offers performance opportunities for all ages in collaboration with local theater groups, a new residency program and the continuation of the Greensboro Playwrights Forum.

The Drama Center of City Arts has transformed into Creative Greensboro, the city’s newly established arts and culture bureau. Both are located at the Greensboro Cultural Center, 200 N. Davie St.

The partnership programs and the residence are ways the city is supporting the local creative community, Thursday’s announcement said.

“As we transform from Drama Center at City Arts to Creative Greensboro, our mission is to seek dynamic partnerships, offer programs that improve the local theater community, and create opportunities that provide broad access to the Greensboro Cultural Center,” Todd Fisher , The performing arts coordinator for Creative Greensboro, said in the press release. “It’s exciting to be at the beginning of this new chapter.”

Everything Creative Greensboro does – including music, drama, and neighborhood-based arts programs – is guided by the city’s cultural arts master plan and its call for greater support for the local arts community, said Ryan Deal, who oversees Creative Greensboro.

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