Greensboro Elementary Hearth Investigated; the flame accelerates its demolition | Native

Firefighters climb a ladder to the roof of the Peeler Open Elementary as they respond to a three-alarm fire in the abandoned Greensboro school on Thursday.


GREENSBORO – Smoke rose from the roof of the Peeler Open Elementary Thursday afternoon, in the wake of a building fire that is likely to accelerate the demolition of the abandoned school, according to Michelle Reed, chief operating officer of Guilford County Schools.

At around noon on Thursday, the Greensboro Fire Department responded to the fire at 2200 Randall St., said fire chief Jim Robinson.

“We got there and saw a lot of smoke coming from the building,” said Robinson.

About 70 firefighters were involved in putting out the fire, which did not result in injuries.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated, said Robinson.

Robinson stated that there is no reason to believe that the fire, which was confined to a building, was deliberately started by anyone in the building.

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“We struggled to get into the building just because of the boarded-up windows. All the doors were locked,” said Robinson.

Robinson said firefighters broke into the school with “tools” and keys given to them.

The school has been vacant since 2018 when it and the Hampton Elementary were damaged and closed by a tornado that devastated East Greensboro.

A new Hampton Peeler school is being built at the Peeler site as part of Guilford County’s $ 300 million loan project in 2020.

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