Greensboro energy outage impacts 1000’s, visitors lights fail | Native information

GREENSBORO – All but 16 customers have been powered back on, according to Duke Energy’s website. And Greensboro Police report that power has been restored to all traffic lights.

GREENSBORO – According to the company’s website, nearly 5,000 Duke Energy customers were without power on Sunday night.

The company expects power to be restored between 10:45 PM today and 12:45 PM Monday.

The failures affect parts of the city center and the surrounding areas as well as a large area northeast of the city.

According to a notice from the Greensboro Police Department, traffic lights are out of order at several intersections, including:

• East Market Street on North Dudley Street.

• Summit Avenue on East Bessemer Avenue.

• Lawndale Drive on Lake Jeanette Road.

• Battleground Avenue on Westridge Road.

Drivers should treat intersections where signal lights are off as four-way stops and find alternative routes, police said.

The outage has also delayed Monday’s production of News & Record and delivery of the newspaper could be delayed.

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