Greensboro Fireplace Division’s Camp Spark goals to encourage ladies to affix the fireplace division | Native

“Some of the girls are interested in the fire department,” said King. “Some are interested in the medical field, others just wanted to try something new.”

In the United States, only 11% of firefighters are female.

Across Greensboro Fire Department, that number is even lower – 4.3%

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“We have 25 women out of approximately 580 employees,” said King.

An important reason why so few women embark on a career as a firefighter is the lack of representation in the departments.

“You don’t see someone like you coming out of the fire truck, so you never think you can do that,” King said.

With Camp Spark, she wants to prove to girls that this is not true.

Abbey Linek, a 14-year-old aspiring freshman, enrolled at Camp Spark to learn what her future career in the fire service might look like.

Linek said she knew she was pursuing a career in the fire department after witnessing a fire in a residential complex near her home a few years ago.

“When I saw the fire trucks, I was so intrigued,” she said. “It looked like something I would like to do. I want to save lives. “

For other girls, the fire department wasn’t on their future plans before this week, but Camp Spark may change their minds.

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