Greensboro Grasshoppers offered to Temerity Baseball | Sports activities

The Greensboro franchise, a subsidiary of the Pittsburgh Pirates, whose 2022 season began on the 8th. The Grasshoppers won the Freitas Award for Class A baseball for the second time in 2021, in recognition of the company’s success.

“The stadium itself is a really valuable asset,” said Sandler. “The baseball team as the main tenant is a really valuable asset. But it’s underutilized if we only play about 70 baseball games a year with this stadium. We want to understand what is missing in this community, what the community is looking for in terms of entertainment, and I know that you can never have enough concerts. So music is surely one thing we’re going to be doing.

“We’re still learning,” he said, “but we think that in this part of town it’s good to have more food and drink options. And we think there are seats in the stadium that we could unlock for them all year round. What we found in Kannapolis is that people love to get married and have wedding receptions in a ballpark. They love graduating from a ballpark. They love hosting other corporate events in a ballpark. And based on our experience in Kannapolis, we will surely do all of that. “

Sandler, who has residences on Singer Island north of West Palm Beach, Florida and in Alexandria, Virginia, is an entrepreneur and investor who founded and ran professional services and software companies focused on financial services. He has also served as a law firm and legal advisor to the financial services industry.

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