Greensboro Housing Coalition Receives Grant to Remove Sources of Bronchial asthma in Houses | Native information

Under 2.0, local housing advocates focused on Cottage Grove, helping develop neighborhood leaders, find sick children, and address the root causes of their illness.

With some matching money from Cone Health, and working with a variety of Greensboro community and government groups, The BUILD Health Challenge will soon be helping the group expand their efforts to eradicate home-related asthma in ZIP codes 27401, 27403 and 27406 of the city.

“When you get to the root of things, you have a bigger impact,” said Williams. “If you can make a policy change, it can help an entire district in the city, not just one neighborhood.”

Local program partners include the City of Greensboro, Cone Health, the Greensboro Housing Coalition, the Guilford County Department of Health and Human Services, the New Hope Community Development Group, the Center for Youth Family and Community Partnerships at UNCG, and Mustard Seed Community Health.

Williams said the groups will work together to identify children with problems and do everything possible to help them. For example, some children may need immediate medical attention from Cone Health. During treatment, another body in the cooperative group could identify the child’s home as the cause of the disease. Eventually, the city’s inspection department could be called in to force a landlord to do repairs on a poorly maintained apartment.

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