Greensboro Housing Leaders name out unhealthy landlords and need harder penalties for them

Mayor Nancy Vaughan and the Greensboro Housing Coalition say Arco Realty – owned by the Agapion family, has been renting a damn property, and it’s not the first time.

GREENSBORO, NC – Enough is enough – the City of Greensboro is calling a local landlord for a laundry list of violations.

On Wednesday afternoon, leaders said a convicted house on Waugh Street was just one of several unsafe houses that a particular landlord was putting up for rent. It’s against the law, but it’s just an offense, and now the city is pushing for harsher punishments.

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At a news conference, they said the Waugh Street house was just one example of what Greensboro housing managers see day in and day out.

In this case, city guides said that a landlord, Arco Realty, run by the Agapion family, rented a condemned house to an unsuspecting tenant.

Mayor Nancy Vaughan says the renter got their more than $ 700 bail back, but the city is fed up with dealing with a handful of bad landlords.

“Why can’t we have any help that will enable us to track down the landlords who are really endangering the lives and safety of our residents?” She asked.

Vaughan and Brett Byerly, of the Greensboro Housing Coalition, say it is time to give “more teeth” to ordinances – such as criminal punishments like felons for landlords and businesses on charges of renting unsafe homes.

“You’re not good at it. Sell your property to whoever it is,” said Byerly. “We have landlords like this under the barrel here, and we need to have smart policies in place that go after whoever will do it is always the plague. “

Neighbors on this street, like Darrin Carathers, say they suspected there were problems with this particular property and believe it is long overdue to do something about such cases.

“If they only talk to talk and they don’t walk, it’s bad for the people who are putting their money out there to lose it that way,” he said.

We contacted Arco and the Apagions several times today but they say they cannot comment at the moment.

Meanwhile, the city plans to file lawsuits against the top ten most contentious landlords and landlords by July. You owe the city nearly a million and a half dollars in civil fines. Arco alone owes more than half a million.

TO UPDATE: On Friday the Apagion family responded to our request for comment. That said, no lease was signed and ownership was never given. Here is the full length statement:

Arco Realty regrets that the facts about the Arco Realty home on Waugh Street were not verified prior to the recent press conference and subsequent media release. Arco Realty has not rented or offered the house on Waugh Street. The facts are as follows. A potential tenant reached out to Arco Realty to rent the house, but it was not available while renovations were in progress. The prospective tenant wanted to rent out the house after the renovations were complete. The prospective tenant has submitted an application and deposited the application fee as well as a deposit in order to hold the property until completion. When the prospective tenant wanted to move into the house, the renovation work was still in progress. The prospective tenant did not want to wait for the improvements to be completed. Arco Realty has fully refunded the deposit and registration fee.

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