Greensboro inspectors condemn properties at Georgetown Manor. Nonetheless threatening: an alleged Medicaid program. | Native information

Brett Byerly, executive director of the Greensboro Housing Coalition, said he realized that a number of tenants there lived under the umbrella of two local mental health agencies – Ready 4 Change and United Youth Care Services – and felt trapped by their circumstances.

Byerly said the agencies are using a sophisticated system to generate revenue from their clients’ Medicaid coverage. He said Ready 4 Change and United Youth Care Services are contracting people to explore places where the homeless congregate – like Potter’s House Community Kitchen – and examine potential customers to see if they’re covered by Medicaid and include Have a problem with substance abuse.

The agencies provide housing to their homeless customers in exchange for participating in treatment programs – and send Medicaid the bill.

Some people are willing to use illegal drugs just to get access to housing, Byerly said residents told him.

Byerly stated that the mental health agencies are contracting another group to secure housing for program participants.

In this case, it’s an organization called Daily Living Solutions. Little is known about the company other than being listed as the primary tenant of Georgetown Manor.

Daily Living Solutions rents the apartments from owner Fir Place Partners, represented by Sherry C. Cross of North Hollywood, California.

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