Greensboro Inspects Residential Complicated for Reviews of Bugs, Cable Breaks, and Mould | Native information

However, many residents say that bed bugs and cockroaches are rampant in the homes. Lillie Holloman, 43, has lived in her apartment with her 73-year-old mother for about a year and pays $ 580 a month in rent.

“I have spiders, cockroaches, cockroaches, bed bugs,” she said. “It’s been like this since I moved in. My mother can’t sleep because of bed bugs.”

She said she had a window that was broken for four months before it was replaced and there are exposed wires around her bathroom mirror in a light. She uses clothes to mop up water that is dripping from her toilet on the floor.

The Greensboro Housing Coalition began investigating the apartment complex after being contacted by local residents, said Brett Byerly, the agency’s executive director.

He said he offered to send an inspector with the Greensboro Housing Coalition to improve the complex’s conditions while keeping residents in the apartments. Byerly said the complex’s manager, Roya Tooloian, was not interested. He petitioned the city’s code compliance department to inspect the complex.

Beth Benton, director of code compliance, said the city began inspections of minimum housing regulations last week and is expecting them to be completed this week. Once all units are inspected, the results and violations are counted so that a notice can be delivered to the owner.

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