Greensboro landlord, Arco Realty, may face wrongdoing prices for allegedly providing and receiving cash for the sentenced home

Posted: May 22, 2019 / 8:13 PM EDTUpdated: May 24, 2019 / 1:45 PM EDT

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GREENSBORO, NC – Fed up and frustrated, Greensboro Mayor shared her concern Wednesday after she said a troubled landlord had again taken advantage of renters.

Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Brett Byerly, executive director of the Greensboro Housing Coalition, said Arco Realty offered and accepted money for a condemned house on Waugh Street back in April.

You have the receipts showing two payments totaling more than $ 700.

Mayors Vaughan and Byerly said the money was returned sometime on Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning after learning of the events.

Byerly said another property management group called him.

“This company called our offices and said, ‘We have this lady here and she wants to rent one of our houses, but she has no money because someone else has taken her bail and is not giving her a house,'” says Byerly called.

However, Arco Realty responded in a statement, “Arco Realty neither rented nor offered to rent the house on Waugh Street.”

The company said a potential tenant reached out to Arco Realty to rent the house, but it was not available while renovations were in progress.

Instead, the prospective tenant wanted to rent the home after the renovations were complete, so they filed an application and put in the application fee and security deposit to hold the property until completion.

The prospective tenant didn’t want to wait for the improvements to be completed, and Arco Realty has reportedly fully refunded the deposit and registration fee.

We first told you about the Waugh Street house in December when a family of 10 were forced to move after more than 30 regulatory violations were found in the house, including inadequate heating.

You may recall that Arco also manages the Summit Cone apartments, where five children were killed in a fire last year.
Investigators said unsupervised cooking caused the fire, but the tragedy sparked conversation about housing conditions. Almost all of the units there were later convicted.

On Wednesday Mayor Vaughan said enough was enough with repeat offender landlords.

“I spoke to our legal team and they said it was a crime to rent a property with a condemned sign on it,” said Vaughan. “I made them aware that this happened. I hope we will enforce an administrative offense charge. “

Irene Agapion, a broker at Arco Realty, told us that the money paid on the Waugh property was an application fee. She said the house is being fixed and there is no story here.

Byerly said he was fed up with Arco Realty.

“You’re not good at it,” said Byerly. “Sell your property to who it is.”

Arco owes the city more than $ 600,000 in fines for its properties across the city.

“Let’s take some of this real estate for the fines you owe,” Vaughan said. “Let the city take them over. Let’s get them in shape. Let’s get them back on the rental market. Let’s get people into safe, affordable homes. “

FOX8 first announced a few weeks ago that the city was planning to file a lawsuit against the top 10 landlords who owe them money, including Arco Realty.

The lawsuit is expected to be filed in July.



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