Greensboro Landlord With Housing Code Violations Has Violations For The Dental Workplace | Native information

Watkins came to North Carolina to practice orthodontics in 1988 after receiving notice from the Tennessee Board that he had violated state law by working for a non-dentist. His license was suspended for three months, according to the NC State Board of Dental Examiners. When Watkins applied for his North Carolina license, he failed to disclose the Tennessee action against him.

The NC State Board of Dental Examiners filing lists nine cases of Medicaid patients whose orthodontic cases warranted revoking the Watkins license for seven years. Most were in 2003, but the first case was in 1999.

The record lists patients who were denied treatment until they paid their full balance – a violation of then-licensed state dentists and for taking x-rays of patients’ teeth that were of poor quality. The document also states that Watkins “scheduled up to 60 to 70 Medicaid patients in a single day. Patients, some of whom had to drive several hours by car to the respondent’s practice, reported that they waited until 11 p.m. or midnight to receive treatment. “

Watkins also incorrectly billed appointments to the NC Department of Medical Assistance. The agency has also been billed for partial braces if the department only approves payment for braces on upper and lower teeth, the filing said.

Watkins applied for a temporary license in New York in June 1988 and a permanent application the following year. It’s unclear whether officials in New York knew of Watkins’ licensing issues in Tennessee or North Carolina. According to a search on the New York State Education Department’s website, his license to practice as a dentist is valid until August 2018. No disciplinary action has been taken against him in New York.

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