Greensboro Meals Truck fed Eric Church and his crew on Saturday evening Weblog: Brief Orders

The Pearl Kitchen Food Truck next to a crew truck at the Eric Church concert.

Courtesy Daven Merchant.

GREENSBORO – For the second time, a local food truck had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to supply the Eric Church crew for the country superstar’s concert on Saturday night at Greensboro Coliseum.

“We fed over 100 of his crew and didn’t get the last order until around 4am. It was a very long night, but I couldn’t turn it down,” said Daven Merchant, owner of food truck The Pearl Kitchen.

It was the second time Merchant Church and its crew fed. Two years ago, the Pearl Kitchen hosted the church’s concert in the Colosseum.

The trader said the church is trying to support local food vendors on tour. The crew were so impressed with the vendor’s food from their last visit to Greensboro that they contacted him to serve them again.

“We got there around 10pm and got everything set up and invited backstage to see part of the show,” said Merchant.

The Saturday night performance was the second of two sold-out Greensboro shows for Church, who is from North Carolina.

“He’s a legend in country music and it was an honor to be called back to cater for him,” said Merchant.

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