Greensboro Metropolis Council approves funding

The City of Greensboro received Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program funding of $ 8,949,177.90 for eligible households facing financial difficulties due to COVID-19.

GREENSBORO, NC – On Tuesday evening, Greensboro City Council will vote on accepting millions of dollars’ worth of funding that could save thousands of residents from eviction, or at least help them during a difficult time.

The February 2nd vote is really just a formality. The city has already been granted the money. The meeting starts at 5:30 p.m.

The City of Greensboro has received $ 8,949,177.90 in funding from the Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program for eligible households facing financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

City officials applied to the U.S. Treasury Department for financial assistance, which will be used for rent, utilities, and other related housing expenses, and were recently informed that their application was approved.

The nearly $ 9 million earmarked for the city comes from the new $ 25 billion Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program set up by US Congress when it passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of December Adopted in 2021.

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“Given this pandemic and its severity, we are trying to keep as many people in their homes as possible and protect them,” said Stan Wilson, director of neighborhood development.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood development department is putting together a qualification application for seasoned community partners who can apply as program administrators to handle requests for assistance and provide funding.

“You can apply through our partner agencies,” said Wilson. “Right now we’re working with organizations like the Greensboro Housing Coalition and the Salvation Army.”

We know many of you now want to hurry to apply. However, a city spokesman said the funds were not in hand and the application process was still being worked out.

“We’re going to be doing a real launch soon to make sure everyone knows who to call and have systems and everything in place.”

Thomas Clodfelter said he will apply as soon as it becomes available. Clodfelter said he had HIV, an underlying health condition, and tried to limit his exposure during the pandemic.

“I need help with the rent and the light bill,” he said. “These people are fighting out here, we’re broken mentally, physically and emotionally. I mean, this pandemic scared us. I just hope the money goes to the right people, the people who need it.”

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The city will provide details of the program and its application process once they are in place.

Many people, like Clodfelter, first tried to apply for the HOPE program for rental support.

“I just waited and waited and waited and nothing,” said Clodfelter. “I don’t need a lot of help, just a little.”

Others were approved for the HOPE program but then found that their landlord did not accept the funds. Can you also apply for this city allowance?

According to Wilson: Yes.

“If you haven’t received these {HOPE} funding, you can apply.”

Wilson said the city hopes the funds will be rolled out by late February or early March.

“We’re trying to get it out as soon as possible.”

If you can’t wait and need help with rent and supplies now, Wilson said to call the Greensboro Housing Coalition. There are still some funds left through the CARES Act.

Do you have questions? Call the city’s contact center at 336-373-CITY (2489).

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